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Import course from China

Designed this course so that they cover all stages of the process of the bill import from China start of the study organizations of the opposition of the Chinese companies and then choose the product best suited to market conditions, according to a study of the market scientific study is accurate. Then contact Chinese companies and request and compare quotations and specifications. Then shipping, transport and customs clearance steps and procedures .
Includes procedures to control financial transactions and bank accounts, examine the costs of product arrival

Business plan model course

Designed this session to help turn ideas into projects on the ground, through the formulation of goals and objectives and the use of planning tools and analysis that make the entrepreneur aware of the great demands of the market conditions.
This program offers training qualification and professional expertise necessary to develop and implement a plan of action in three themes (management, marketing and financial) as the program deals with the theme of Trend reports and their importance in the completion of the work plan, as concerned with distractions and her and how you can cope with distractions and avoid them.


Packing and packing course

The course was designed to identify new and evolving methods of packaging and coding, taking into account the environmental factor for selecting packaging materials, including posters, packaging according to consumer wishes and overall quality management.

Small enterprise management course

For those who are willing to start new projects, or for companies that are working, that want to start new expansion projects, a business plan course, the strongest training program that will help you learn how to create a business plan.

China’s nine-step trade course

Course axes

How do you start your business?

How do you plan to travel to China ?

What are customs requirements for importing goods ?

How do you keep your stuff from cheating, cheating, confiscating?

What are China’s visa requirements?

How do you look for your goods in Chinese cities and factories ?

How do you negotiate with shipping offices, factories, wholesalers?

How do you proceed from manufacturing to receiving?

What’s the best time to visit China ?

Special sessions with professional lecturers.

Wills and business ideas.
Safe trade cycle
Small enterprise management course

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