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E – Marketing Company

E-marketing has become the most successful and most important means of advertising for online advertising in general. Our company is an e-marketing service company, which relies on an excellent selection of experts and specialists in many areas of e-marketing, so we can achieve you the highest degree of success and progress through our services, which includes the management of Google Adwords ads, and the management of advertising campaigns on Facebook pages and websites Other social and even text and visual content industry such as video, at the lowest possible cost that suits even the owners of new businesses and sites.


Google Ads Management

One of the most important and best advertising methods at all is Google adwards ads, they are the best means of advertising exempt you from restricting a certain budget, and allows you to determine the budget that suits you. Google advertising is one of the most profitable means that achieve the best expected results and that bring you fame and rapid spread. As a leader in the management of advertising campaigns, specifically Google Adwords, our company has many achievements in the success of many customers. Thanks to our keen interest in increasing the ranking of your site and facilitate the process of archiving and lead you in Google search results, and increase the number of customers and visitors quickly.
This is done in a systematic and well-studied way, by:

We do a comprehensive study on your site.

Develop an appropriate and well thought out plan for advertising, and determine the best time for its appearance.

We select and choose the right keywords for your ad, which will help you get ahead with the best programmers, SEO experts
and the latet powerful software.

Select the countries where your ad will appear.

Monitor your ad campaign and report on how active your campaign is.

Manage Facebook ads

Because Facebook pages are one of the most famous and successful social networking sites, through which you can achieve increased profits and income when properly managed and target ads correctly. So, if you have a Facebook page for profit, we’ll give you the best help by posting your ad campaign and targeting it to your target age group by gender and country, setting the right marketing plan on Facebook, choosing the best time for your ad to appear, and thus ensuring you Fans and interactors of the page and maximize success and profit.

It is also interested in the design of mobile image ads (banner ads CPM), which has been a great success not only on Facebook pages, but on all social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram and even YouTube. This is because their price is lower than the price of traditional ads, and even easier to spread and faster than regular ads, which can target the age group with high accuracy and according to the region and interests.

Text and visual content industry like video

Our services are not limited to managing advertising campaigns on blogs, websites and Facebook pages. We also make sure to create creative content exclusively in Arabic or foreign without spelling mistakes, whether textual or visual, such as video, with the possibility of writing content in many dialects if the client so wishes. Based on the strongest specialized team consisting of content writers, graphic designers and photographers, has the ability to choose the best phrases, attractive addresses and keywords appropriate, and has the ability to write content for websites conform to the standards of SEO in many different disciplines in a sophisticated and creative manner that helps to progress On search engines, and can also create professional content for Facebook and Twitter pages.

We can also create exclusive and creative visual content such as video, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other websites. Thanks to the exclusive content that continues to achieve its goal, which brings you to the highest traffic and views, you will quickly reach the maximum success and fame.

Finally, we will also help you by providing strategic plans and training services that may help you achieve all your goals of e-marketing. We also plan the timeline that it may take to achieve these goals and influence the digital shopping platforms, aside from monitoring and evaluating your ad campaign on an ongoing basis and working to improve it always.

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