Have you thought about traveling and importing products from China?

company became organizing business trips to China is the first in the world of organizing business trips that help individuals to accomplish the best investments and business interests in China easily and quickly, without need for consultation between the actions of travel, import goods and products of varying types, and we make it easy to all actions and provide all the requirements, we offer you a trade market of China on a plate by a cleaning company business trips to China.

Organization of business trips to China

The company organize business trips to China that specializes in the establishment of an integrated system to travel from Egypt to China, with the provision of all necessary facilities in order to get visit visas or residence throughout the period of expansion in China, not only that, but we also make it easier for you is arrange appointments and meetings with companies and businesses and factories in China before the date of your visit shortly, so do not waste your time during the visit, as we guide you with the best offers and prices that provide you the gain of a detective.

I prefer the company to provide travel requirements to China.

Expect the company to organize business trips to China to facilitate the task of communicating with companies and distributors in China, by providing the best translators specializing in bringing our customers since their arrival to the airport in the development of the interior, between the companies and offices that leave China, besides, we give our customers the specialist group of the most efficient legal who work to rid the contracts and legal procedures with the business office with Chinese take all the safeguards that ensure the customers rights and their investment.

Cargo and product services from China
company  organize has been providing commercial flights to China Shipping Services for all types of goods and products from the Chinese market, it’s not only that, but we also expect the functions of customs clearance of all goods and commodities of the customs in the airports Chinese as well as Egyptian airports, in addition to inland freight services between the provinces until you get the goods and products in a complete safety to your home or your company, as that if you don’t want to travel to China, there is no need for that at all, because we provide you with the services to import goods from China easily and as soon as through the company to organize business trips to China.

Advantages of a commercial airline to China

company organize business trips to China as help you save the time and effort spent in processing the procedures to travel to China, we also select for you time and all the high-quality services in the provision of requirements necessary to achieve deal contracts profitable with Chinese companies, in addition to that we help you to get draws with the most reliable and accredited and registered by the Chinese

Travel procedures to China with a commercial airline to China

company Follow organize commercial flights to China, a set of legal procedures that facilitate the travel of clients to China in record time while ensuring complete requirements, the first of those procedures is that the Office of the trade in China to issue an invitation for obtaining the visa necessary to work from the Chinese consulate, the next step is the independence of a special interpreter to the client at the airport, with the provision of adequate means of implementation easily, we also provide our phone line a tray so it’s easy to reach with offices and distributors in China, and finally the provision of luxury accommodation to customers in China, We guarantee you the representative of the minor accompanying you in all engagements with Chinese companies.

The most important goods that can be imported from China through our company.

Trade in the local market need to be studied systematically in order to identify the needs of the market and its requirements that you can invest and trade through it, i.e. it was necessary to identify the most important goods and products needed by the consumer in the local market, import of the best global markets in terms of quality and the price is appropriate, help your company to organize business trips to China in recognition of the best offices and companies that offer the finest products and cheaper goods, such as games, tools, household and kitchen utensils, in addition to bags and shoes, clothing, accessories, leather, cosmetics and equipment manufacturing also.

How to import from China through a commercial airline to China

The company provides organizing business trips to China all the facilities Masters customers wishing to import from the Chinese market, without the need to obtain a commercial registry for import, we wish you all the procedures for purchase of goods and services through electronic procedures simple, that the company expects, as we ask your the best deals offered by the offices of export in China, we also provide you with a golden opportunity to connect with the best Official Web sites specialized in the shipment of goods and products to the different countries, the prices of our services are unparalleled and provide for the gentlemen clients of the burdens and hardships of multiple in the case of their cooperation with the company, organize business trips to China.

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